Some Games Can't Be Won

Meet Her Eyes

  • Client:Autism Speaks
  • Role:Engineering, Design, Management, Production

To illustrate the heart sinking frustration presented when children with Autism cannot bear to look others in the eye, an idea of a lenticular bus shelter was brought forward.

I suggested making the experience more personal with an ultra high resolution film that interacted with the motions of the observer, creating a 3d parallax illusion - for if the users felt as if they were interacting with a living person, their experience would more closely mirror that of the parents and loved ones daily dealing with this circumstance.

When asking, as a favor, advice from an Oscar winning effects creative that we are lucky enough to know, we were shocked when he instead offered to team with us to create a new technology. He worked on our project for cost, as autism had touched his family and he wanted this opportunity to offer his support.

So on a budget meant for a flat outdoor bus shelter campaign, our bi-coastal partnership built this display, used by Autism Speaks to vividly demonstrate how what might be a minor complication feels like on an everyday basis. Often those participating thought it was a game that one could win if they just did the right thing; when the situation was explained to them, they very often broke into tears.

We were proud that this piece seemed to bring about a true and emotional understanding.

  • Videolink: Autism Speaks Installation